Office: (803) 776-7671

Q: Why do you spell it "Crepe" instead of Crape; are you guys idiots are what?

A: We spell it "Crepe" because that's the way the word is most commonly known. The traditional southern spelling of "Crepe" rather than "Crape" (the formal spelling) helps to maximize our web search presence and continues to represent the nostalgia  of the "great southern crepe myrtle", a plant that we take great care to grow in the old southern tradition at our nursery.

Q: Do you sell anything other than crepe myrtles?

A: Yes, we grow over 100 different varieties of trees, shrubs and woody ornamentals. Please see our "Plants & Pricing" page for a complete list.

Q: Do you sell to the public?

A: Yes, we are primarily a wholesale nursery but we do have a retail license and will accommodate  anyone who desires a beautiful landscape.

Q: Do/Can you ship your trees?

A: We ship all over the country. If you are willing to pay the shipping costs, we can ship anywhere within the continental U.S.

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept all major credit cards with a small processing fee.