Roy Smith is a graduate of Wofford College. He has owned a successful engineering business since 1980. As a business man and entrepreneur, Roy became involved in the nursery business in 2001. His favorite pastimes include farming and solving complicated electrostatic problems within various manufacturing industries across the United States. 


*** We have thousands of quality field-grown Crepe Myrtles and other Ornamental stock. Because of our large inventory, we are able to help our customers stay competitive in any market from Texas to New York. Value added service keeps our client base happy.

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Managing Partner/ Owner

John Estill is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and has been in the nursery business since 2001. He has a true passion for growing superior, quality nursery stock and strives every day to help his customers maintain a valued and consistent stronghold in the horticultural and landscaping industries. His favorite pastimes include spending time with his family and enjoying the great outdoors.